Adam Armour is an award-winning writer/photographer/general lackey for a small newspaper in Mississippi. He acknowledges that newspapers are no longer a thing and that people in Mississippi can neither read nor write, and he is, therefore, somewhat of an anomaly. He is married, has three cats (which is too many) and one dog (which is also too many). He plays lots of video and tabletop games. He loves movies, especially ones about big monsters or regular-sized undead serial killers. He listens to far too much death metal. He is double-jointed in both arms, although he realizes this is not indicative of the actual number of joints. He has a scar above his upper lip, which he received after falling on his face while chasing a wiener dog down his grandmother’s driveway. He has written one book, Strange Beasts in a Small Townwhich didn’t do all that well.

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