A Lovecraftian, Chandleresque horror comedy? If ever there were a movie right up my alley, this is it.

Shame about that poster, though. It makes zero sense. Why’s that one pentagram soaring toward Fred Ward’s head? And is that other one on a collision course with his penis? I think it is. What the hell’s David Warner up to? I guess he’s having a special moment with E.T. And check out that tagline. What the heck is “very special effects” supposed to mean? Why are they more special than any other special effects? It’s all nonsense. Poorly designed nonsense. It’s driving me insane.

… which, now that I think about it, is super-Lovecraftian. OK, designers of the “Cast a Deadly Spell” poster. You win. Kudos to you.

Here’s a poem.


“End of the world, eh?”
Match fire ignites a stale smirk.
“Must be some bad book.”